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- PRO MPA with the same serial number as shown on the ship-ping carton - The ownerÕs manual - User Registration Card AC Power Hookup The PRO MPA has an internal power supply designed to oper-ate at 100 to 125VAC, 50 to 60Hz. Units manufactured for use outside of the United States of America have been modified to. ART - PRO MPA II 2 Kanal Vorverstärker. Art - pro mpa ii 2 kanal vorverstärker. Si prega di lasciare il tempo supplementare se si paga con assegno.

Cerca art pro mpa 2 tra migliaia di annunci di vendita di usato dei privati. Naviga tra le offerte di art pro mpa 2 pubblicate dai negozi di strumenti musicali ai prezzi migliori. Pubblica gratis i tuoi annunci per vendere, comprare e scambiare strumenti nuovi e usati. 02/08/2007 · As you can see from reading above that this device is great. The manual job consists of only 10 page is well designed than enough to understand everything. However, even without the manual a baby could get it working so everything is clear is simple. The sound is superb in. PRO MPA to produce a ÒthumpÓ on power up and power down. If the PRO MPA fails to power up when the power switch is turned on, check to see that its power cord is plugged into an active outlet. Page 6: Rear Panel Connections The range of the PRO MPAÕs. 15/10/2014 · Let me start by saying that this unit has been more than just a simple 2-channel tube microphone preamp. It is a tone monster! With selectable impedance, 3 gain stages, 2 choices of High and Normal Plate Voltage and a really useful and transparent. PRO MPA II è molto efficace? 9 utilizzatori hanno risposto alla domanda e hanno valutato il prodotto su una scala da 0 a 10 Il voto è 10/10 se, nel suo campo, ART PRO MPA II è il migliore per livello tecnico, quello che offre la miglior qualità, o che offre la più vasta scelta di opzioni.

01/10/2011 · I have some of the old ART preamps. For recording they are not very good. But, I just ordered an ART Pro MPA II preamp based on several different internet forum evaluations. 07/11/2010 · The ART Pro Mpa II is a 2 Channel Mic preamp. It has 2 balanced ins/outs, the outs coming in both xlr and 1/4. There are also 2 High Z instrument ins on the front of the unit which means it can be used as a 2 channel DI also. It has the following controls on both channels. 20/11/2017 · I had bought an ART MPA-II before as well, and I do really like the sound of it, but it just didn't give me the warm fuzzies and hugeness like I was expecting as-is. I'd take a hard look at the pro channel if you are looking for a great sounding single channel unit with a little more bang for the buck.

11/04/2011 · ART Pro MPA II - Two Channel Tube Microphone Preamplifier. ART ProMPAII Two Channel Discrete Class A Microphone Preamp. ART ProMPAII Two Channel Discrete Class A Microphone Preamp $358.99. Only 1 left in stock. The ART Pro MPA II two channel microphone preamp is the next generation in affordable high. Page 1 PRO MPA II ™ ART PRO MPA II Microphone Preamplifier USER’S GUIDE. Page 2 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS – READ FIRST This symbol, wherever it appears, This symbol, wherever it appears, alerts alerts you to the presence of uninsulated you to important operating and maintenance dangerous voltage inside the enclosure.

29/08/2012 · Best tube type for ART Pro MPA II preamp? Sign in to disable this ad Hello friends, I know the ART MPA uses 12ax7 tubes, but I know 12at7/12ay7/12au7 would have less gain and would has cleaner sound, less compression and more headroom. 1 Thanks 33 Thanked 67 Times in 62 Posts. 03/04/2014 · So, it was not cheap or cheaply made. It is certainly a well built piece of kit. The transformer does add a little beef to the sound. The main competition for this unit, back then, was the Universal Audio solo 610. I am not familiar with the Art MPA II Pro but Art`s reputation back then was not the best quality gear. Perhaps that has changed.

03/07/2009 · Art Pro MPA With a Case for $169 Shipped A good deal? I am currently own a MOTU 828 MKII and the Following Pres:-M-Audio Tampa-Presonus Eureka-Focusrite Trakmaster Pro With A/D Card For Sale Tough-Focusrite Voicemaster Pro on the Way A KSM 27.I am looking for a nice Tube Sound Without Spend much Money so after a little Research I Bought. 02/02/2017 · I do not own the MPA but have an ART PRO VLA II and have experimented with swapping the tubes. Stock Ruby's, EHX, NOS Mullard and Groove Tubes have all been in there and all made no/ very subtle almost imperceptible changes. The art pro channel IIs have an issue with the power transformer shielding that caused acute buzzing when racked with other gear. I bought 2 pro channels. 1 Mpa, and 1 vla. Both the pro channels had the issue. ART and Thom Davis refused to honor the three year warrantee. Make your own decisions about ART products but make an informed one.

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